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How to Create Products with Your Artwork

How to Create Products with Your Artwork Place your creative masterpiece on a variety of products fulfilled and shipped straight to the customer. Art For Your Cause

First, make sure you are logged into the Dashboard and are in the Artist Role. You can do so by clicking ‘Switch Roles’ in the main dashboard navigation menu, and then clicking ‘Artist’ in the dropdown.

From the Artist Dashboard Main Page, click on the link that says ‘Art on Products.’

From there you will see product categories to get started. Let’s say, for the sake of this tutorial, you want to create a t-shirt. Select the category of ‘Shirts and Tank Tops,’ and then choose the specific product you want to use, like the Unisex Eco T-Shirt.

Once you select the product you want, a popup will appear for you to add the title and description of your product. Make sure your title and description have as many details as you can provide! Once you are done, click "Create."

From here you will enter the Product Designer where you can upload your artwork onto the product mockup and position it to your liking.

To Upload Your Artwork:

Click on the Add Image button on the top left of the product designer. This will open up a box where you can upload your artwork file.

Once you’ve chosen your artwork, a new layer will be added to the product designer. This will create a Layer Editing section where you can adjust the size and position of the artwork by clicking and dragging the artwork on the mockup. You can also rotate, align, and flip the artwork however you like within the print safe area.

To Add Text:

Click the Add Text button and type the test you want to add. Then select the text in the product designer to edit or modify your text on the mockup.

Add a Quick Design:

By clicking the ‘Choose from Designs’ button you can choose from our repository of pre-made designs to add to your products so that you can get started selling as soon as possible!

Color Selector:

To change the color of your t-shirt, click on the product and select the color palette icon. Select your color and click outside of the selector to set your product color.

(These options will differ depending on which product you’ve selected. We are always looking into adding more product options and variations from our suppliers, so stay tuned for more additions to our store in the future!)

Walkthrough of the Product Designer

Here is a basic walkthrough of each of the icons in the product designer.

Once you’ve uploaded all of the artwork and have finished designing your product, hit the ‘Done’ button. You will be taken to the final step...you're almost done!

Check the mockup to make sure your product looks the way you want it to before you submit it to your profile page. If you need to make some last-minute adjustments, click the 'Customize' button and it will take you back to the customizer. Once everything looks the way you want it to, click ‘Save’ to finish.

Congrats! You have successfully created a product to sell on AFYC! You can find and edit your product at any time by clicking on the ‘My Products’ link in the Artist Dashboard menu.

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