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How to Create an Art Auction to Support Your Favorite Cause

How to Create an Art Auction to Support Your Favorite Cause Learn how to add your artwork to our online store Art For Your Cause

First, make sure you are logged into the Dashboard and are in the Artist Role. You can do so by clicking ‘Switch Roles’ in the main dashboard navigation menu, and then clicking ‘Artist’ in the dropdown.

From the Artist Dashboard Main Page, click on the link that says ‘Start an Auction.’

You can then fill out the auction form with all the relevant information:

  1. Upload Image: Upload an image of the artwork you will be auctioning. For best results, your image should be 150 DPI and be in jpeg or png format with a 1:1 ratio.

  2. Auction Title: This should contain the name of your artwork and/or the cause you are auctioning for.

  3. Description of Your Art: This is where you can put relevant information about your artwork, including subject matter, materials used, medium, colors, etc.

  4. Select Category: Choose a category for the cause you are supporting in your auction.

  5. Dimensions: The dimensions of your artwork in inches.

  6. Name of Your Cause: What cause or nonprofit will you be supporting with this auction?

  7. Description of your Cause: Describe your cause and the importance of its mission.

  8. Cause Website: the URL of the nonprofit or cause if available.

  9. Start and End Date: Set the date range of your auction.

  10. Starting Bid Price: Set the minimum price that people can start bidding with.

  11. Buy Now Price: Set a price so that people can buy the artwork immediately without having to bid. Check the box in order to enable this option.

  12. Shipping: Set the price for shipping. You will be responsible for shipping the artwork to the winner of the auction. You can calculate shipping using the USPS shipping calculator.

Next, click ‘Start Auction.’

After you’ve created your auction, you can edit it by clicking on ‘My Auctions’ in the menu, selecting your auction from the list, and editing the information in the form, then hit ‘Save Auction.’

Your auction is now live and will be public on your start date!

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